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invoice value underwriter effect as per

bear insure premium issued

on CIF basis to your account

Lynd & Malory Co.

Marcus Square

London, E.C. 2


Dear Sirs,

In reply to your letter of the 3rdNovember enquiring about the insurance on our CIF offer for Double Offset Ring Spanners made to you on the 20th, we wish to give you the following information.

For transactions concluded ___1___ , we usually ___2___ insurance with The People’s Insurance Company of China against All Risks, as per Ocean Marine Cargo Clauses of The People’s Insurance Company of China, dated the 1stJanuary, 1981. Should you require the insurance to be covered ___3___ Institute Cargo Clauses we would be glad to comply but if there any difference in ___4___ between the two it will be charged ___5___ .

We are also in a position to ___6___ the shipment against any additional risks if you so desire, and the extra premium is to be borne by you. In this case, we shall send you the premium receipt ___7___ by the relative ____8____.

Usually, the amount insured I 110% of the total ____9____ . However, if a higher percentage is required, we may do accordingly but you have to ___10____ the extra premium as well.

We hope our above information will provide you with all the information you wish to know and we are now looking forward to receiving your order.

Yours faithfully

China National imp. & Exp. Corp


1.confirm2.special discount3.originals 4.for 5.in6. stipulations

7. conform8.amendments9.effect10. on

1. on CIF basis 2. effect 3. as per 4. premium 5. to your account

6. insure 7. issued 8. underwriter 9. invoice value 10. bear

1. on CIF basis 2. effect 3. as per 4. premium 5. to your account

6. insure 7. issued 8. underwriter 9. invoice value 10. bear

Letter translation (20分)

With reference to our Sales Confirmation No.7904 dated August 8th, 2000, we regret to say that your letter of credit has not yet reached us up to the time of writing. This has caused us much inconvenience as we have already made preparations for shipment according to the stipulations of the said Sales Confirmation.

You must be aware that the terms and conditions of a contract once signed should be strictly observed, failure to abide by them will mean violation of contract. If you refer to our Sales Confirmation, you will see the clause reading:

“The Buyer shall establish the covering letter of credit before 30thAugust, 2000, failing which the Seller reserves the right to rescind the contract without further notice.”

The goods you ordered have been ready for quite some time and the demand of late has been so great that we find it hard to keep them for you any longer. However, in consideration of our friendly business relations, we are prepared to wait for your L/C, which must reach us not later than October 5

th, 2000. If we again fail to receive your L/C in time, we shall cancel our Sales Confirmation and ask you to refund to us the storage charges we have paid on your behalf.

Your co0operation in this respect will be appreciated.

For the past five years we have been selling your Electronic Lighters to wholesalers and large dealers in all parts of Pakistan and our clients are very much satisfied with your products. The styles and colours are very much to the taste of our market. We have built up a considerable number of well-established connections with excellent business results.

As we understand that you have no agent in Pakistan, we would like to offer our services.

For your reference, we would propose a sole agency agreement for a duration of three years with annual turnover of 50,000, 60,000 and 70,000 pieces for the first, second and third year respectively. On all sales, we are entitled to receive a commission of 15%. During the validity of the agency agreement, we shall not handle any other foreign products of the same line and competitive types. The area to be covered by the agency agreement is confined to Pakistan.

If you agree to grant us the sole agency we will devote full attention to the development of your products on the Pakistan market and will go into the matter further.

We look forward to receiving your favourable reply.

Thank you for your letter of the 31stOctober in connection with sole agency.

In reply, we wish to state that we appreciate your efforts in pushing the sales of our Electronic Lighters in Pakistan and we are satisfied with your work in the past. However, after serious consideration, we do not think conditions are ripe to entrust you with the agency at the present stage as the sales volume mentioned in your letter under reply is too small for us to grant you the agency. To tell you frankly, the average annual quantity we sold to your country in the past few years is larger than what you mentioned.

In spite of this, please do not misinterpret our above remark, which in no way implies dissatisfaction. If a bigger turnover can be realized to justify establishing the agency we would like you to represent us.

We hope you will agree with on this point and continue placing orders with us as you have done so far.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your offer of May 3 for men’s and women’s leather gloves and also for the samples you sent us.

Having looked over your samples, we found both the quality of the leather used and workmanship are up to our requirements. And we are pleased to place the following order with you:

300 pairs of women’s leather gloves in red color Size:No.26 each pair at US$5CIF Hamburg. 200pairs of men’s leather gloves in black. Size: No. 30,each pair at US$6CIF Hamburg.

Our order is subject to your acceptance of our usual terms of payment, within 20days after sight. If this order is executed satisfactorily, we shall be happy to place further orders with you.

Yours faithfully,

China National Import & Export Corp.


Dear Sirs,

The instructions from Browning & Sons, received through our Hong Kong office, we have opened an irrevocable letter of credit for $55,500 in your favor, valid until 30 November next. You have authority to draw on us at 60 days against this credit for the amount of your invoice upon shipment of 2000 tons of Steels to Browning & Sons.

Your drafts must be accompanied by the following documents, which are to be delivered to us against our acceptance of the draft, Bill of Lading in triplicate, Commercial Invoice, Insurance Certificate and Certificate of Origin.

Provided you fulfill the terms of the credit we will accept and pay on maturity the draft presented to us under this credit and if required, provide discounting facilities at current


We owe your name and address to the International Business Department of Bank of China, through whom we learned that you are the manufacturers of Textiles, Pieces Goods and General Merchandise, and also that you are engaging in importing and exporting.

May we introduce ourselves as an Importer of all General Merchandise, Exporter of China Produce, and Manufacturers’ Representative and Commission Agent.

We have been in business since 1923 and can boast having vast and wide experience

in all lines we handle.

Our Bankers are Bank of China, and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation of Hong Kong, from whom you will be able to obtain all the information you may require in regard to our business integrity and financial standing.

We shall be grateful if you let us know your trade terms, etc. and forward samples and other helpful literature with a view to getting into business in near future. We hope this letter will be a forerunner to many years of profitable business to both parties and look forward to the pleasure of hearing from you.



















300双红色女士皮手套。(1)26规格成本运费加保险价,(1)每双5美圆。200双红色男士皮手套。(1)26规格成本运费加保险价,(1)每双6美圆。(1) 我方以贵方所接受的付货条款为盼,(1)见信用证20内发货,(1)如果该订单执行顺利,我方将订购更多的货物。(1)



布朗宁父子公司的指示以通过香港办事处收到, 我们已开出了以你方为收益人的金额是55,000美圆的不可撤消信用证。 有效期至11月30日。你们有权就布朗宁父子公司的2000吨钢向我按金额开出期限为60天的汇票。 你们的汇票必须随附下列单据,这些单据将在我们呈兑汇票是提交我们。提单一式三份,商业发票,保险单和原产地证。如你方履行信用证的条款,我方将呈兑并在到期时兑付本信用证项下的汇票。另外,如有要求,我们还可以按现行利率提供贴现的便利。


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